There are approximately 350 partial and full headstones remaining at College Park Cemetery. Many of these are in need of repair and resetting.

During 2019, Conner Roberts began his Eagle Scout project to raise funds and begin the restoration of the historic headstones. This project will continue over the years ahead to try and save the headstones for future generations of visitors to the Cemetery. Donations for Conner’s headstone project can be made to the Cemetery from the DONATE button or on Conner’s GoFundMe page:

Unless otherwise noted all photos are from 2018


Abney, Issac

Abney, Narcis

Alix, Willer and Drucilla
Anderson, Annie Austin

Anderson, Will
Baker, Hattie

Beard, Viney
Brooks, Pinkie

Brooks, Fred

Brown, Ernest

Brown, Louis

Brown, Maud Estella
Brown, Mollie
Burton, Amanda
Butler, Sadie
Cafford, Madison
Cerf, Nammon
Chatman, McCree
Childress, Kate

Clark, Will
Clemonts, Margaret
Clinton, Eldridge
Cole, Viola
Collins, Delitha
Collin, Annie
Cornish, Jennie

Countee, Thomas
Sweeney, Wm
Covington, Archibald
Cox, Evond Daniel
Crawford, Tom
Cuilla, Elnora
Curtis, Fred
Cault, Cherry
Davis, Henry
Dorn, Lillie
Derry, Grover

Dixon, Ned

Fennell, Alonzo
Fisher, Arie
Fisher, Charlie
Fisher, Grace

Fletcher, Arletta
Fletcher, Mildred
Foster, Annie
Foster, Charlett
Foy, Percy
Francis, Samuel
Fritz, Jack
Fulcher, Churchell
Fulcher, Jennie
Fulcher, Arthur