Welcome to College Memorial Park Cemetery

Next Clean up is February 12 from 8am to noon. Hope to see you there! 3525 W. Dallas St.


You can earn community service hours (and maybe extra credit!) by helping College Park Cemetery Association research the lives of the people buried at this historic cemetery.

You will be updating an Excel database with information from the Family Search website for some of the 4500+ listed in the burial records. Your work will eventually be accessible on this website for anyone who has an interest in finding their relatives or learning the history of some of Houston’s earliest settlers!!

Only the first 20 students to sign up from the Monday/Wednesday and the first 20 from the Tuesday/Thursday classes will have the opportunity to participate. Work will need to be finished by May 31st and TOTAL time commitment is expected to less than 10 hours.

 If you would like to help email your name and class days (M/W or T/T) to rriepe1@gmail.com and instructions will be sent to you.  

Do you have a relative buried at College Park? Are you interested in preserving history? Join with the College Park Cemetery Association! Our mission is to restore, maintain and preserve this historic cemetery.  Send your name and preferred email address to:


You will receive updates about volunteer clean ups, opportunities to help with historic research, and information on our progress to save this site for generations to come.

Headstone repairs are under way!

Donate to Conner’s Fund for Headstone Restoration at College Park: https://www.gofundme.com/conner-roberts-eagle-project?pc=em_dn_contacts_r&rcid=r01-156609336505-d0d15ae76f5a40e5&member=2736398


Database of Gravesites Now Available

We are excited to now have a search capability for the database of over 5000 burials at College Park.

Simply enter the name (or partial name) of the deceased in the search box,  and then select the name from the list of results.

The data that CPCA has gathered including the location of the gravesite in the cemetery, photos and any historical information will be displayed. This database will be updated periodically by the CPCA history committee.

Only 350 headstones and partials remain.

Fewer than 2000 burials have confirmed locations

If you have any information about any of the people buried at College Park and wish to share it please email the CPCA history committee at collegeparkcemetery@gmail.com

College Memorial Park Cemetery was founded in 1896, the earliest headstone discovered is from 1892.

The Cemetery served primarily as the burial grounds for the Baptist communities in Houston’s fourth Ward.

Of the 5000 people that are interred at “College Park” many began their lives in slavery or are descended from the freed slaves that settled in Houston in the late 1800’s. Check the HISTORY page for more information.

The last documented burial was in 1972. College Park Cemetery was uncared for many years and several unsuccessful restoration efforts were begun  in the years following the 1970’s.

The College Park Cemetery Association became a 501c(3) in 2010 and since that time has been in charge of the restoration and maintenance of College Park. For more information on the CPCA click on the ABOUT tab.